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No disrespect, but couldn't you go to most comic book stores and just buy these issues for cover price?  especially if you don't care which cover you're getting? 

So you're looking at $19 or probably $20 with tax for all four comics.

So someone would have to be selling $13-$14 at most when you include shipping to get to $20.


I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't ask to buy these or pay whatever you want, but I would suggest posting a price or price ranger per the rules of WTB, because it doesn't seem like there will be much wiggle room or profit margin (or motivation) for the potential seller, as they will still likely get hit with paypal charges AND have to spend the time packaging and mailing.  Or maybe I'm wrong and your LCS is sold out and/or you don't have one near by, or you're getting tons of offers.  The point is, if you're not getting offers, I'd suggest posting a price or price range.


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