Coming soon my end of year eBay auction of stuff I don't know how to price.
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Comiclink, Comicconnect and Heritage asked I wait until their massive auctions are done before I do my 3rd annual end of year auction so as to not suck all the comic dollars from their clients. Well not really but I do have some cool stuff coming up on eBay.

Some rare items, some rare items with problems, some not so rare items with problems and some not so rare items without problems. One thing for sure most are lower grade so you bottom feeders should be happy!

Below is a sample picture of some of the coolest stuff I'll be auctioning. Please no PM's with offers as the comics in the pic are so small how could you make an offer anyway. But if you do make an offer that I probably won't take do it in this thread so everyone can see you Man-up or embarrass yourself. 

Hope to have auctions up and running week after Thanksgiving.

Here is Lhcomics auction link that will take you to auctions when up and running.

Thanks for looking.




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I went to bid but no Canadas allowed!Hope you do great.

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5 minutes ago, lhcomics said:

Auctions ending in about 24 hours. Beat up comic goodness. 80+ Auctions

Mask 1

All New Comics 8

Science Comics 4

Classic Comics with Gift Box 1943

Teen-Age Romances 39

Strange Tales 28

Chilling Tales 14


Good luck with your auctions Leroy. No Batman books to choose from but there are numerous books in your pic a lot of collectors go gaga over.

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