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This is the second year in a row I am organising an auction all for charity.

Original pages, drawings gifted by artists worldwide. Auction ends at 6 decembre 2019.

In total there are 109 different lots you can place a bet on.

Money goes to an animalshelter and a wheelchairbasketball team in Belgium

Some names like John Romita Jr, Stan Sakai, James lloyd, Scott Shaw, Scottie Young, Jeff Smith, but also a lot of European artists. 

These are only 3 of the 109 drawings you will find at auction.

This is the main link: https://www.catawiki.nl/a/261471-stripkunstveiling-goed-doel-strips4life


bone2 (2).jpg


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Auction ends soon.  It's a great cause and the guy who's organizing this has been putting a lot of effort into assembling all this art... A lot of "regional" and European stuff, but also some art that may interest others... 

Stan Sakai 




Barry Kitson




John Romita Jr.



Andrea Di Vito





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