High Grade Bronze Age and more! Star Wars #1; Wonder Woman 116 (7.0), 209 (9.6); Superman; Spider-man; Venom; Brave & the Bold - ends Monday night at MyComicShop!

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Hi, everyone!  I decided to do one more big Bronze Age sale during the MyComicShop weekly auction, ending tonight (Monday)!  Not JUST Bronze Age, but it is mostly that. Here are all the links and current bids.  Some great deals to be had!


Wonder Woman #209 9.6 (!) Oh, boy, this copy is cherry. I thought it'd be a 9.8, but it's damn close regardless. Never been read - I cut it out of a 3-pack myself - and bone-white pages.  Current bid: $60

Superman #259 9.4. Cary Bates and Curt Swan, with a cover by Nick Cardy.  Current bid: $14

Star Wars #1 9.4. NICE! Star Wars is back in the theaters AND on TV, and the end of the Skywalker story is about to be told. Well, here's the beginning. White pages.  Current bid: $120

House of Secrets #96 9.0. FANTASTIC Bernie Wrightson cover (aren't they all?) and white pages, from 1972. Five different stories in this giant sized book, plus a Sergio Aragones cartoon page.  Current bid: $19

Brave and the Bold #106 9.8 (!) Batman and Green Arrow. Another book rescued from a 45-year-old 3-pack. Highest graded (one of only 11) and with bone-white pages.  Current bid: $33

Amazing Spider-Man #361 9.6 - First full appearance of Carnage, with white pages.  Current bid: $76

Brave and the Bold #110 9.6 - Batman teams up with DC's version of Black Panther, Wildcat. BEAUTIFUL high-grade copy with Nick Cardy cover art.  Current bid: $22

Brave and the Bold #102 9.0 - This is a GREAT cover by Neal Adams. Current bid: $13

House of Mystery #202 9.2 - Great condition on this oversize comic with a Kaluta cover. Current bid: $25

Walking Dead #192 9.8 - The death of Rick Grimes key issue. Current bid: $28

Walking Dead #193 9.8 - Oversized Final Issue. Current bid: $38

Wonder Woman #116 7.0 - Wow! Great condition for a WW comic from 1960! Current bid: $56

Superman #234 8.5 - Classic Neal Adams cover in a key Bronze Age storyline. Current bid: $20

Batman Who Laughs 3A 9.8 - Nice cover by Jock. Current bid: $13

Powers of X Unknown Comics variant 9.8 - Nice variant by Lucio Parrillo. Current bid: $36

Tarzan #209 9.6 - Who doesn't like Tarzan? Or art by Joe Kubert? Current bid: $12

Venom #3 9.8 - Key book getting harder and harder to find in 9.8. Current bid: $89

Wonder Woman #51 9.8 - Artgerm cover. Current bid: $41

And coming in the January 6th Prime Auction...

Batman #77 9.9 Mint. The Death of Alfred has been confirmed, and this is the ONLY 9.9 currently on the census (out of 215 graded). Also, first appearance (and cover) of Gotham Girl as Robin.

Amazing Spider-Man #129 9.4. The first appearance of The Punisher in one of the most sought-after comics of the Bronze Age. And one of the most homaged covers! The price on the 9.4 is depressed just now for this comic ... I'm hoping it will bounce back after the new year, but perhaps YOU can get it at a significant discount. White pages.

























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