Your best comic book upgrades!
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1 hour ago, Krismusic said:

huh I am confused what happened was this a dealer who had a slabbed 8.5 of forever people for a 8.5 great price but when he checked the book was 9.0? 

It's never just you when you don't understand what @Hollywood1892 is saying! lol

JK (sort of)  Holly! You are awesome! 

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10 minutes ago, Hollywood1892 said:

Can you guys talk about how your upgrades came about?

I found my raws at different times at the same place, Half Price Books!

For $15 piece :)

it's then that I wanted a copy, a reader is as good as any sometimes! lol

I upgraded through saving and the thrill of the hunt was on :)

for decent slabs, but nothing as lucky as yours :headbang:

I also have an All Stars Comics #58 as a raw reader, which I have not upgraded yet, the hunt is still on for that one! ^^



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