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I have a number of annuals, giant size and 25cent extra page silver and bronze age books that are square bound as opposed to stapled.  I store them in acid free boxes in mylite 2 bags ( standard size) and full back acid  free boards.   I avoid packing my comics tightly in boxes giving a little room to thumb through with ease ( but not too loose).  A guy who does online comic videos on YouTube claims you need to store these type of books in larger silver/golden age bags to avoid having the bottom of the spine show signs of being crushed.   I can’t understand this logic as all bags taper at the ends regardless of size.  And the larger the bag, the more the book can shift around.  I think the crushing that can occur with the spines of the type of books have more to do with packing them tight in boxes or stacking  them.  What is the consensus on this?  I have some valuable books that are square bound (e.g., Amazing Spider-Man annual #1, Marvel Superheroes run, etc.) and would value some expert storage and archival suggestions.  

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From Matt Nelson: 

Two things—first, the top and bottom spines are often crunched already, either from printing or mishandling over the years. The spines on those books were often glued together haphazardly so right off the press they appear misshapen and smashed. Second, the only thing that is going to cause further crunching is if there is some sort of impact to the corner, like dropping them or dropping the box they are in. Crunches will not form over time without physical interaction, so the bag has nothing to do with this.

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