Needle in the eye covers! Post them if you have them

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Unfortunately my diabetes has progressed  to the point that I have had Diabetic Nephropathy for nearly three years

In addition to attempting much better control of my A1c,  I have also had to treat the symptoms with periodic Shots in the Eye.  Over 2 dozen so far including yesterday.  To add insult to injury  that is the same eye that I had a cataract in a few years earler


I know that there were several covers with this image,  so please post them here.

Was not sure that this was a Silver or Golden Age but I assumed that EC would have had something like this in the pre  code era

I would love to look them over and decide which I might want to add to my collection  and display in my office ( for point of discussion)

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Not mine


True Crime #2 33b-TrueCrime_02-02.jpg


I wish you very well and improved comfort sir 

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