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Hi everyone. I'm selling a lot of sketches, commissions and art. Follow each piece CAF link for details if interested, or you can also find these on ebay. Please read the details on each piece. Super special prices if you pick more than one.

Message me if you have any questions! (Note: the rest of the pieces on my CAF are not for sale, please don't ask if it's not on this list). 

- CHARLES BURNS original BLACK HOLE sketch and signature on limited edition of "Echo Echo" (39/100). 600 usd.

- JORDI BERNET TORPEDO 1936 commission. A nice little piece by master Bernet. 250 usd.

- WILL EISNER sketch of THE SPIRIT. 300 usd.

- SHELDON MOLDOFF BATMAN color pin up. 500 usd.

- FRIGHT NIGHT #19 COVER ART by Eric Brant. 300 usd.


- BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA by Dan McDaid. #25, pag 10. 200 usd.

- VICENTE SEGRELLES sketch of El Mercenario (The Mercenary). 120 usd.

I also have many original poster production artwork (comps and sketches from film poster-making process) not posted on my CAF and available for trade or sale; titles include

- "Lethal Weapon 3"
- "Bird on a Wire" (Mel Gibson, Glodie Hawn, John Badham film)
- Robin William's "Toys"
- "Target" (Gene Hackman, Matt Dillon)
- "Transylvania 6-5000" (monster comedy with Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis)
- "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (Francis Ford Coppola's)
- "Cliffhanger" (Sly Stallone)
- "Used People" (Shirley McLane, Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Marcelo Mastroniani)
- "Batteries not included" (Spielberg-produced film)

If any of these titles catches your eye, drop me a line to see what's available!

Thanks for reading!

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