[TRADE ONLY] Even more Options! Silver Surfer 1, ASM 101, ASM 194, WWBN 33 etc for Silver Surfer #4 CGC 7.5
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***I am not interested in any other comics or money.  Just Silver Surfer #4 in CGC 7.5***

** I am valuing Silver Surfer #4 in CGC 7.5 between $700-750 USD**

*Willing to add some cash on my end but not more then $200 USD*

 Pictures for books added in Latest Post!!!

Fair Market Value on books I have listed as Trade options

Silver Surfer 1 CGC 6.0  -  $550 USD

Tomb of Dracula 10 CGC 6.0  -  $600 USD

(New) Fantastic Four 50 CGC 6.0  -  $275 USD

(New) Tales of the Teen Titans 2 CGC 9.6  -  $250 USD

(New) Y: The Last Man 1 CGC 9.6  -  $350 USD

Amazing Spider-Man 101  -  $100 USD 

Amazing Spider-Man 194  -  $50 USD

Werewolf by Night 33  -  $50 USD

*All CGC cases are undamaged with exception of TOD 10 (picture below show crack)*

ASM 101 - First appearance of Morbius -  is complete and unrestored but in low grade.
The spine has heavy wear and splits, 2 extra staples are present, cover is attached. Its probably a 2.0
Please look at pictures carefully and judge for yourself.

ASM 194 see post below for details.

WWBN 33 - Second appearance of Moon Knight. Book is unrestored Has some spine ticks, dents on front/back cover. Could use a press. Grade estimate 5.0 - 6.0

Any additional photos can be provided.

I am currently in Canada and have the books in hand which means they will be shipped from Canada. Might be able to ship from United States.

Whomever does this trade can choose to send the book I will receive to my Canadian or US address.

Please PM me a picture of the front/back of the book you are offering in trade.

Please PM me regarding cost/method on your end for shipping the book out to me as I cannot determine this.

Shipping in a secure box w/signature $25.00 USD for both US/Canada no international shipping.

(includes insurance) I will eat the extra cost

Able to ship my books out within 1-3 days after trade is agreed upon.

Payment method for shipping: Paypal

No Returns

No HOS/Probation users



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New books Added

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Amazing Spider-Man #194 - First appearance of black cat

Just added to the trade!

Book is in 4.5 to 5.0 range

Has some spine roll and tears near staple area, cover is still attached at both staples, book is unrestored and complete.

Presents very well, only thing holding it back from higher grade is the spine roll and staple tears, seems to have been improperly pressed.

FMV for this grade is between $50-$70 USD.

I will value this book at 50.00 USD

I have updated the total trade value to $725.00 USD for all 3 books.




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Adding another book to the offer!

WWBN 33 grade 5.0-6.0 maybe higher with a press.

FMV $50-70

Total trade value at 750.00$

Or I have another offer

TOMB of Dracula 10 - First Blade CGC 6.0

last 2 sales on eBay were $699.00 and $720.00

The CGC holder is missing the top outer sticker. Case has small crack near back corner. All 4 corners still sealed and crack does not go over the comic. Case also has some light scratches.

15$ reholder would do it well.

FMV $600.00

Would have to remove 1 or 2 of the books to get the FMV of the trade to around $700-750 on my end as that is what I am valuing the SS 4 in CGC 7.5






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- Lowered the FMV on TOD 10

- Might be willing to add a few more books as options. (FF 50, Y the last man 1, new teen titans 2) all CGC graded!

- I am considering adding cash to the trade on my end.

PM for more info!

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