Punisher fans, let’s see them favorites..💀
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8 minutes ago, Catwomancomics said:

It was a cool find in a back issue bin at my LCS.  

That’s awesome!  Congrats!  Wish I found that book.  Looking for a 9.8 copy.

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Nice @Parabellum and @nepatkm

The colors on those are superb, not sure if it is just the scanners lol 

I remember Punisher being somewhat like that for a while :) 

Love the 9.8's and hope all is well in your lives after the busy days in December. :tink: 

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34 minutes ago, nepatkm said:

Sketch cover by Darryl Banks...


Man that has details! That are almost deceiving in that they're spread out....

Makes it not look cluttered or too over done, that is nice!

Too bad the registry doesn't have some kind of perk or stand alone points for sketch covers :(

To the registry it's just a another, but they can be chased for the art, I just want it all and eat it too haha 😂

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