Who here tried to collect runs of titles? (Completists)
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I am currently thinking about creating a run of X-men from 94-268. About five years ago I was making the same attempt but stalled out about halfway. The early books in that run are more expensive than I remember. Issues like 102,103,109,112,126 are getting pricey. 

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I've got Black Goliath locked down 1-5  (HA!)

Almost done with bronze age Nova and Invaders.

The rest I just plod along.  Probably will never finish any significant Marvel title, but it's better than wasting cash on smokes or booze (most of the time).

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Complete runs of:

(Uncanny) X-Men vol 1

X-Men vol 2


New Mutants


Alpha Flight


Punisher (multiple volumes)

Transformers (Marvel, Dreamwave, and IDW)

GI Joe (Marvel)

Moved towards collecting storylines or significant runs in the last few years.  I knocked out Miller's DD run, McFarlane's ASM run, etc.  I also have a weird thing for 1980s Marvel mini series.  I'm limited on space, so I have to be picky on what I decide to start buying.  

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LOL I want to complete runs but it is not like a driving goal. For example, would love to have ASM 50-400 filled in. I am about 15 books away with a couple biggies (ASM 50 ,129) slowing me down. 50 will happen, it is within the realm but paying $800-1000 for a decent copy of 129 is just a tad out of the wheelhouse right now. Technically I could not have purchased the last 40-50 comics I bought and have enough but then I wouldn't have the last 40-50 comics I bought!

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I am not sure I am a completist, but I am certainly a run-collector. Here are (unfortunately) just a few that I am at least passively chasing (# of missing issues in parentheses if I am close):


ASM 1 - 400 (6)

Flash 105 - 200 (13)

Showcase (12)

Teen Titans (9)

X-Men 94 - 300 (32)


Here are a few that I have completed:

Adams Batman/Tecs (I ended up filling in the non-Adams books too, and then expanding in both directions, so these are both really long runs that are complete)

Bronze All Star Comics

Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy/Amazing Fantasy (reprint on 15 only at this point (shrug))

TMNT (original series) 1 - 20

Miller Daredevil run

Brave & Bold 34 - 100

Justice League Of America 1 - 100



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I don't have runs that are 100% CGC graded, but I do have a few done and a few underway:


Amazing Adventures -  38 issues

Marvel Two-In-One - 100 issues plus 7 annuals

Invaders - 41 issues plus 1 annual

John Carter, Warlord of Mars - 28 issues and 3 annuals

Short runs also, like The Human Fly (19 issues), Infinity Gauntlet (6), Secret Wars (12 issues), Civil War (6 issues), DCs The New Frontier (6 issues)


Defenders (22 to go)

Marvel Team Up (105 to go) - probably my main focus for the year

Nova (5 to go)


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