WTB TOS 39 3.0-4.0 (CLOSED)

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Looking for a TOS 39 with the following criteria:

- Slabbed CGC or CBCS 3.0-4.0

- Universal grade with no caveats on the label (no detached cover, tape, etc).

- Off-White pages minimum 

- Presents well.

I have a more active presence on the CBCS forum, so, I know I’m a newbie here. But I have (753) 100% positive feedback on e-bay

Let me know if you’d like a reference or have one of these for sale. 


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Item Found
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I have been offered some very nice looking copies in the 4.0 range and I do appreciate the responses.

it looks like I forgot to add one thing to my criteria list. I’d really prefer a copy with staples firmly attached. Detached covers are a structural issue that’s common in this grade for this book for whatever reason. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond.

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