[CLOSED] Mini-Sale: ASM #13, Weird Tales Jan/1937, Star Spangled Comics #36
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A small sale, three boooks.

Here’s my kudos thread here.

I try to grade books accurately but I’m no professional grader – mostly the grade listed is the grade I’d be satisfied with if I was the buyer.

IMPORTANT: I am based in Italy. Postage costs are higher, so check the table below.

Rules: The first :takeit: (icon or text) in thread wins. You can purchase by PM but at your own risk – I will go by time stamp.

Payment by Paypal. Please no people on the HoS or Probation list.

Shipping rates: I ship from Italy. Rates indicatively as follows (Zone 1 is Europe and UK, Zone 2 is Americas, Asia and Africa, and Zone 3 Oceania). Airmail does not have a tracking number, so for more expensive purchases I strongly recommend Registered. As a general rule, if an untracked shipment gets lost and I am already acquainted with the buyer, I agree to split the cost with him (a policy I learned from Jim which I endorse).

For total amounts of over $300 I will ship to USA through registered courrier for a flat fee of $30. This will be good up to 2kg (approx 4,4 lbs.)

				Zone1	Zone2	Zone3

Airmail / 1-2 bks:		10.50	14.00	19.00 USD

Airmail / up to 8-10 bks:	12.50	19.00	26.00 USD

Airmail / up to 16-20 bks:	20.00	32.00	38.00 USD

Registered / 1-2 bks:		15.50	21.00	27.00 USD

Registered / up to 8-10 bks:	21.50	30.00	40.00 USD

Registered / up to 16-20 bks:	31.00	46.00	57.00 USD

Return policy: I do not offer returns as it would be impractical cost-wise from here, but in the unfortunate case I missed something drastic (like a cut out page or ad) I will make sure to make you whole.

Thanks for looking! :)

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Amazing Spider-Man #13 - VG range

This has been my personal copy for years. The biggest defect is the creasing along the spine, if it’s a thing that particularly bothers you. Aside from that, it does not have any other serious issues, general wear expected for the grade, but it's a nice, tight solid copy.

I see a few similar copies (both raw and CGC) have sold recently in the $450-600 price range.
Asking $500 including shipping (via int'l bourrier).

:news: Now $480







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Weird Tales - January 1937
I decided to sell this because as much as I like it, I do not have any other issue, so someone else can enjoy the beautiful Margaret Brundage “Children of the Bat” cover.
This issue also contains the first edition of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The thing on the doorstep”.

I have a hard time grading it because of a spine split on the front cover, both at the top and the bottom (about 1" top and half a inch bottom) so it has to be handled with some care.

I would say in the GDVG/VG- range, but I have no experience in grading pulps. I attach a few pictures.

Asking $150

:news: Now $130





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Star Spangled Comics #36

“The Cowboy of Suicide Slum” from the Simon/Kirby studio (Kirby had already left fof the war at this point). I would say in the VG-/VG range but a solid copy, with just some dust shadow/dirt and a tad of rust on the staples.
No tears, no tape and apparently no restoration whatsoever.

Asking $110

:news: Now $95



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