It's Friday so it has to be NEW ART FRIDAYS! @ Nostalgic Investments!
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A NEW ART FRIDAYS! is here from Nostalgic Investments Comic Art! Below are just a few of the New Art pages.
Go see the rest of the new art at
1. Fantastic Four #285 p30 byJohn Byrne
2. Avengers #5 p20 (Large Art) by Jack Kirby
3. Iron Man #93 p31 by Herb Trimpe
4. Batman: The Dark Knight by Ethan Van Sciver
... Plus MANY MORE!
See not only three week's New Art Fridays at but over 250 pages of comic art on the site.
And sign up for our weekly email on on the site at the bottom to be the first to know what the New Art Fridays! releases will be on Thursdays.





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