Want to buy a few key Four COlors

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I will post more later but I want to improve my Four COlor Collection  

If you win my offering win I will spend the net proceeds on you Four Color books that help that process, say A number 1 either series 

I have a few auctions coming up on Heritage in the next few weeks. I have links in the ad section

Books include Hulk 181 and Special Edition #1 






FC 408 DD and the GOlden Helmet (2).jpg

Image (45).jpg

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Still looking for Ket/missing Four COlors

Anybody have a nice group for me that would rather have my Hulk 181 in 7.0 that is up this week on Heritage?


It is currently at 1650.  If you win it at  say 2,000  you will pay 2400 including BP  and I will net 1,800  to spend on your Four COlors

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Still looking for Key Four Colors


Have 4 nice books closing this week on Heritage led off by a 6.5 copy of Special Edition #1,  The first comic devoted solely to Captain Marvel.  This is the nicest copy of this Key book that has been up for auction in over a decade.


Hopefully someone will want this book

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