Fawcett Books can be so Damn Cheap
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12 minutes ago, Marty Mann said:


That aint one of the cheap books and with the DC Fandome event that just happened, interest in it might have surged more than ever. Is this a copy of yours? If so, then CONGRATS!


1 hour ago, GreatCaesarsGhost said:

Well, good luck in your collecting.   It had always been my impression that Captain Marvel books had a lot of demand.  It's better for you if there's not, so I'm hoping not.

The keys have demand, special covers too, WWII stuff as well. But the bulk does not. I rarely spend more than guide and more often than not spend less than guide.  Here's an example from stuff I bid on at Heritage, the Fawcett book was the one with the least bidders and that 8.0 from 1949 sold for half of what a 6.5 Detective Comics from 1950 sold for.


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Good topic. Another good example happened tonight:

https://www.comicconnect.com/item/883710 Captain Marvel Jr. 4 9.0.

The sole 2nd highest graded example out of 24 Blue's and I think its just as nice as the 9.2 that last sold in 2006 for 1,314.00, which has a big ol ink stamp on the cover.

It got no last minute activity. I almost bid on it but didn't pull the trigger, had 1,550 entered and all. I think the buyer got a pretty good deal.



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Here's another super cheap one and I write it here because this was procured out in the open on e-bay where anyone else could have gotten it. Shipping was free and someone was accepting offers on this good looking Master Comics 49, a WWII era book with a Raboy cover. Guide price is slightly over $200 (grading this conservatively) and I got it for just slightly over $100, so basically half off guide. 




master comics 49 01.jpg

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Seems like things may be changing. Heritage had an auction last night and some books went for crazy money (comparing to previous sales and GPA).

Master Comics 48 in GD+ raw went for over $200 https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/master-comics-48-fawcett-publications-1944-condition-gd-/a/122045-13302.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116

By comparison, I had purchased the same issue as a slabbed 3.5 a few month ago on comiclink for less than $100  https://comiclink.com/Auctions/item.asp?back=%2FComicTrack%2FAuctions%2Fbids.asp%3Fpg%3D2&id=1394448


Master Comics 25 in GD+ went for over $400 (highest price ever achieved for that grade) https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/master-comics-25-fawcett-publications-1942-condition-gd-/a/122045-13300.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116


The craziest one though is a Master Comics 41 VG that is trimmed  and sold for a whopping $312, so double guide and higher than the GPA on non trimmed https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/master-comics-41-fawcett-publications-1943-condition-apparent-vg/a/122045-13301.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116

It could be people didn't realize it was trimmed and bid on the fly, don't know.


Other really high new records are for early Master Comics which include #8 and #18 in VG- for $840 and $600 respectively.






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