PGM Amazing Spider-Man No. 28
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This issue of the Amazing Spider-Man is from my childhood comic collection. As can be seen from the photos, I read it many, many times. Who would have guessed back then it might be worth something some day? I've tried grading it using the example based grading tool (see the thread in the Newbie Comics Collecting Questions forum I submitted on this topic). I'd like to see if I'm way off the mark or not. The first two pictures are scans, the rest are pictures taken with an iPhone. I originally took these photos for another purpose and I used a white background, not a coloured background. Sorry about that. :(

The small white marks on the front look like dried salt-water marks. I haven't tried removing them yet.

All the inside pages are complete without rips or tears. The spine is tight. There are no pen or pencil marks anywhere in the book.

You can see there's a crease that runs vertically on the cover. In the fifth photo I tried to capture the condition of the spine, and keep it out of the shadows.

Comments and grades much appreciated! I will try to hone my grading skills with this feedback.

Front Scan #3 resized.jpg

Spiderman Back Scan resized.jpg

Spider Man No#2 resized.jpg

Spider Man No#3 resized.jpg

Spider Man No#4 resized.jpg

Spider Man No#5 resized.jpg

Spider Man No. 28 Pic #1 resized.jpg

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I think that crease is fairly heavy and it sucks because on a "normal" cover, it might blend nicer and not stand out. 4.0 might be the high side, I would safely say 3.5. The rest is too nice to warrant much lower. 3.5-4.0.

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Thank, guys, for the feedback. This is good information. See my post in the "Newbie" forum under "Example based grading tool" if you're interested in seeing what grade the tool gave the book. I tried to be honest in completing the 37-point grading questions. I might've been too optimistic on a question or two. :)

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