Action Comics #252 CGC 3.5 CROW -- first Supergirl

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Another week, another book.
(Turns out freelancers aren't going to get any stimulus so...)

Action Comics #252 CGC 3.5 CROW pages -- First Supergirl! (And first Metallo too.)

$1200 shipped & insured to the continental US. (Anywhere else we'll figure out the extra shipping.)

The last GPA sale was $1200. (This is less than I paid for it in trade many moons ago.)


* No probies, HOSer, or generally bad people.

* No return on CGC books (unless it's damaged, etc.)

* Paypal preferred.

* In thread :takeit: beats PM.

* I'll listen on any offer as usual

As always, my scanner hates slabs. It's just to prove I have the book. I will send digital photos if you want more. (The comic is not this dark)




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