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Ok, ok - as a result of the recent Godzilla 3 thread, I though we would put together every BA Marvel price block variation here in one thread. Every unique price block automatically becomes a member . . . subject of course, to the following rules:

  • Comics must have been published by Marvel with a cover/indicia date between 1971 and 1982;
  • Care must be taken to have a scan/photo of the price block ONLY;
  • Any posts of generic dupes must be DELETED;
  • Those posters who have posted a unique price block are deemed MEMBERS (hey, I'm bored);
  • Those that have not can go "pound sand"

I'll start it off with an easy one ;) :


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Not 100% sure if these count as two distinct blocks, one with the date and one without, or if you would count them as the same.  I am certain that otherwise it's a design that hasn't been posted yet:



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