Auction - Batman / GA Hero / Jungle - Ends 9pm Tuesday
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Hello I have 12 raw books and two slabs that I am putting up for lot Auctions.  I will post the list first along with the opening bid.

I cannot do sales to people that have scammed people, so if you are on a list realize you are precluded from purchasing from me.

I accept paypal, the regular form of it, no personal paypal as these are sales. Also can accept Venmo, Money Orders, Bank Certified checks.

Shipping and insurance is $15 per auction, books will be shipped US Postal Priority with insurance. NOTE - I can ship to United States addresses, shipping out of the USA is too expensive, sorry.

On CGC slabbed books, you know exactly what you are buying so I cannot accept returns.

On Raw books I will accept a return within 10 days, buyer pays shipping unless I mis-stated something.

If you wish to purchase a book, please post a bid in the thread.  I would prefer this to PMs, and it seems to work best that way as there can be no dispute who purchased the book that way.

I will invoice at end of thread, please pay within 2 days and I will ship promptly.


Three separate auctions in this thread; Batman, Golden Age Hero variety, and Jungle books

Opening bid is $50 for each auction, with $1 increments.  

BIN for the Batman books is $500
Batman Books:  Current High Bid $55

Detective Comics 247, 5.5, W, crease bc corner, edge wear bc, small tear bc edge
Detective Comics 358, 7.5, OWW, tight flat glossy, bc edge wear
Detective Comics 362, 6.0, OWW, CF detached bottom staple, spine stress
Batman Family 20, 8.0, CR to OW, ding llc, slight crinkle top of fc, flat glossy
Batman 259, 9.0, W, flat glossy, small cluster of indents on bc edge (dime sized cluster)
Batman LCE, 4.5, CR to OW, heavy spine stress mark, complete, puzzle untouched, Magazine sized.

BIN for the Golden Age Hero books is $1000
Golden Age Hero Books: Current High Bid $300

Big SHot Comics 17, 6.5, CR to OW, slight tanning inside covers. tight flat glossy, big flaw is faint crease on cover
Feature 72, 6.0, OWW, single staple holding nice, line indent on cover, two crease on bc
Super Magician Vol 4 #3, 6.0, crinkle on cover, brown blotch interior page on border, CR to W, some tanning inside covers
Challenger 3, 2.0, CR to OW, well read, soil, staple issue on spine but both staples holding
Daredevil 18, 7.0, OW, no big flaws but well read
Thrilling Comics 48, 7.0, Light Cream to OW, crinkle on cover in the Commando area, tight flat some gloss, fainter color strike, mis-cut

BIN for the JUngle Books is $500
Jungle Books:  Current High Bid $250

JUngle 89 8.5 OW, Crippen
Jungle 114 7.0, OWW

If you place a bid you will need to indicate which lot you are bidding on; for example "$225 Batman".  If you do not specify which lot you
are bidding on then the bid WILL NOT COUNT, sorry but it has to be clear what you are bidding on.

Auction ends at Tuesday the 31st at 9pm Central time sharp.  Any bid on or after 9pm Central time does not count.  This is determined by hovering over the time stamp at the end of the auction,
it clearly shows the exact minute of the post and thus if a post is too late.


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