Bronze Age Incredible Hulk
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@F For Fake lol:roflmao: 

POST UP!!! while your willing and tell me the price that made it worth it!! :sumo: 

lol I love that you picked it up a 180 3.0, I have 3 copies, one of which is a 3.5, so no worries if you want to keep it :baiting:

:download:(::devil::kidaround: few more emoji's for good measure :cry: 

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10 hours ago, F For Fake said:

I paid $180, which seemed pretty good. I figure I can squeeze a bit more than that out of it. It's complete and it has white pages, so it at least has that going for it! 


for a white pager, most definitely a deal :) 

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45 minutes ago, MGsimba77 said:

So finally replaced this after putting it off and off...and off. I felt I couldn't wait much longer. Trilogy complete again :)


Sweet looking book! Glad it's back in the family, and a keeper I hope!

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