CLOSED Marvel silver-bronze slabs
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Some info:

I have bought and sold on ebay under the name devo3000x and have a 100% rating with over 500 separate buyer/seller ratings  


First :takeit:gets the books and not interested in HOS of probationary member sales. Paypal goods and services for payment. Return policy: no returns.  Shipping is USPS priority, USA only. Shipping is included in listed price. No trades at this time.   

My opinion on GPA: GPA is overly good used to drive prices to the bottom. If you quote GPA please also let me know where it was bought from - was it eBay? Mycomicshop? Comiclink? What was the shipping cost, was sales tax paid, was there a buyer premium, was PayPal friends and family? Prices here are shipped period. A $500 book on eBay with sales tax and shipping could be $560 final cost. So please keep this all in mind. 

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Additional notes
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5% discount on price for anyone buying 2 or more  

10% discount on price for 3 or more 


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