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Yes, that's right  -  Bob Layton CGC Signature Series Sketch Opportunity, with colors -

As some of you may know, Bob NEVER offers his commission work with a color option. 

Due to the recent Covid19 crisis, we have a RARE opportunity to have an amazing and talented colorist, Shanna Layton (Bob's Daughter) to color her dad's work.  Shanna Layton worked for Valiant during Bob's tenure as Editor in Chief.  She was the main colorist for Bob Hall's Shadowman series,  and also inked her dad's work, among other published projects.   Shanna has since left the industry, but is making rare comeback just of us!

This is a first to have a published father/daughter team-up offered here on the CGC boards!  These are NOT available via Bob directly.  

Spots are only limited to FIVE (more can be added if need be)

Fees are as follow:

Full Body Inks, and Colors


The following blanks are available :

  • XO Manowar 1  (2)
  • Iron Man 600     (4)
  • Marvels Project (4)
  • Avengers 1 Gold label   (See sample)
  • DC  Batman, Harley Quinn, Justice League 1

If you chose to mail in your own blank, please let me know which one to make sure it takes color.

The fee is completely inclusive, which includes the commission fee for both artists, CGC grading fee, and return shipping. 

Examples of  commissions done privately (not available for purchase):


Thor Blank Cover Colors.jpg

Iron Man bullet cover with color 2(1).jpg

Titanium Man Blank Cover Colors.jpg




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If there is still an opening I would like one of X-O Manowar on the X-O Manowar #1 cover and just making sure we can pay with PayPal. Thanks for any information. 

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4 hours ago, seanfingh said:

This thread rules. Full color full body Laytons just f-ing rock.  Well done everyone.


Running Iron Man is sold... colors were added BTW.

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