WANTED: Ron Lim - Captain America covers & splashes, & his other Marvel art
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I'm still on the lookout for PUBLISHED Marvel Original Art (mid 1980s - early 1990s, no color guides etc) by these guys:


Captain America #383 Cover (Ron Lim/Jim Lee)

and other RON LIM Captain America covers, splashes, and great pages

RON LIM (mostly Silver Surfer #15 - #65 covers, splashes, DPS, & other great pages, and some other series)


Jim Lee


Art Adams

Silvestri: Wolverine and X-Men

Buscema: Wolverine or Marvel Comics Presents


Keown, Purves: Hulk


Steve McNiven

Ed McGuinness

Kirby: Silver Surfer GN or early, mid period like Captain America or Thor, or even later stuff like Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur panel pages

Coipel Thor, Mighty Thor #1-6 pages with Silver Surfer and/or Galactus or a DPS (found some covers but might want more). :)

I'm not interested in commissions or color guides, DC, or other unpublished work. 

I am aware of what's on Heritage, Comic Link, Comic Connect, eBay, and Comic Art Tracker.

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26 minutes ago, Bill C said:

I'm pretty sure the Cap #383 cover is in a known collection on CAF (could be wrong though).

If it's on there, it doesn't come up in searches.

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