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This would be for someone local to zip 33428, Boca Raton Fl to pick up. Clearance blowout, this is a massive monster sized lot of vintage magazines. Listing includes 12 large boxes of mags, maybe near 1000 mags and hundreds and hundreds of pounds. I need to clear space in the house, the sell price is absurdly low. If an enterprising individual has some energy coupled with vision they should be able to make thousands (and thousands) from this lot. I am tired and low energy so I leave this to better souls than myself for this project. I also listed this is Craigslist, 1st come 1st served.

Lot has 2+ boxes of western, cowboy, old west mags with many from 1950s and 1960s. There are lots of sports mags like Sports Illustrated. Music mags like a good 20+ of Black Flag, Misfits, Henry Rollins and other punk. Mags on every movie celebrity you can think of, with focus on Superhero and Horror, as well as mags on collectibles, tattoo, model painting, gaming like Magic the Gathering. There are a number of mags and fanzines from the 1960s that can be described as underground or counter culture. To stress again, this is 12 large boxes of mags, more than 1/2 are bagged and boarded, that cost of supplies alone would cost well more than the ask price. This is like a nickel per mag, with many mags having $10 or $20 or more value each. Mostly high grade, non smoking household, most have been bagged, boarded, and boxed for years and years and years, untouched.

If you are able to swing by, and make an easy transaction without a song and dance, I look forward to helping you load the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of collectible, hard to find, and many rare and zero comp to anything online mags. They are boxed and ready to load your car down. Send pm. I am looking to trade lot for a box of kids comics, Archie, Disney, or if you prefer I will take $60 cash, which is ridonkulously low for a rhino weight worth of collectible vintage mags.

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