IDW remarqued Artists Editions- Mike Mignola and Mike Zeck

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UPDATE: The Zeck Punisher has SOLD


For sale are some IDW Artists Editions that I have. One is the Mike Mignola Hellboy in Hell and other stories. This one is numbered 57/125 and has not been removed from the box- the photo supplied here is a "stock" photo as Mike drew virtually the same image 125 times. The second one for sale is the Mike Zeck: Mavel Classic Stories. Also remarqued, this one is numbered 71/100 and has been opened. the sketch is of the Punisher- I was hoping to get Captain america but that did not happen for me unfortunately.

Hellboy is 600 dollars and includes shipping.  The Zeck Pnnisher is 325 and this also includes shipping. I will ship overseas but shipping would be more (I'd have to get you a quote).


Thank you!



hellboy back of box.jpg



zeck 4.jpg

zeck 3.jpg



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Hey @robert frey 

I actually got a Captain America sketch in one of these when I ordered originally. If you want it for my cost from IDW plus shipping it's yours.

Let me know. I know how these luck of the draw sketch editions can be disappointing. 

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