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I listed 8 out of the 9 volumes individually from the X-MEN: Children of The Atom Slipcase Boxed Set, as well as the Alex Ross poster that was included in the set.
Why 8 out of 9, and individually? Well, I actually bought a set for myself some time back, and it was missing the first volume, but had an extra of the fourth volume, instead. I have since received a replacement set, so I don't need the duplicate volumes.
The boxed set is already out of print, and going for some high prices online. I based my price for the individual volumes by dividing the original retail price by the number of books included. All of these volumes listed are still in the original shrink wrap.
I figure somebody out there either got a set like I did originally, missing a volume, or maybe a damaged set, or maybe someone is only interested in a particular era that a volume covers, like the Neal Adams run, or the John Byrne issues, or "The Lost Years," which were collected in one of the volumes. Anyway, you can check out the listings at my eBay page:










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