$$$ or TRADE - Rare Wolverine comics and Hero Initiative sketches WANTED

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I have a bit of cash sitting in my PayPal account and am on the hunt for some rare Wolverine books and Hero Initiative sketches.  I know this request is a bit of long shot, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.

Looking for the following:

RAW (any condition):
Wolverine Vol 2: #75 (No Hologram Error)
Wolverine Vol 2: #145 (Nabisco)
Wolverine Vol 2: #145 (Bone Claw Error)
Wolverine Vol 4: #310 (Platt sketch variant)
Wolverine Vol 7: #1 (Mayhew Ultimate Edition)
Wolverine Origins #1 (Wizard Authentic)
Wolverine Origins #2 (Wizard Authentic)
Wolverine: Weapon X #1 (Hero Initiative Blank... even if sketched on)
Return of Wolverine #1 (InHyuk Lee Ultimate Edition)
Return of Wolverine 1 (Art Adams X-Men Team)
Wolverine/Shi #1 (Antiquities)
Wolverine Magazine #1 - 4
Wolverine & The X-Men Magazine #1, 2

GRADED (any grade):
Wolverine: Weapon X #1 Hero Initiative sketches


Again, I have cash available and will pay more than fair prices.  I have a ton of rare/desirable Wolverines to trade as well, in case anyone was interested (Complete Mini Series, Complete Vol 2, Vol 7 #1 C2E2 variant (low number), Komikai, Wakanda Wildside, Wolverine X-Men 4 Venomized, etc...).

For the Hero Initiative sketches, I'm looking to build my collection.  However, I'm also open to trades (plus cash, if necessary) on these in case anyone is looking for other HI books (Walking Dead, X-Men, Wonder Woman, TMNT, Hellboy, Captain America, Adventure Time, etc) or VetTix sketches.

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