DAREDEVIL #12 CGC 6.0-9.0

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Title says it

I need a lone DD for my run and cant find it. DD # 12 CGC 6.0-9.0 area must be OW/W or White pages as is my whole run. Paying top dollar, trade books ect i have plenty to offer....

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18 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

that is crazy that there is not a single  DD #12 for sale on ebay CGC 6.0 or above right now , but on this one patience will pay off as i'm sure one or multiples more will show up by the end of the year

I've been looking everywhere. Missed a few here or there, bad timing. Just figure also 1 will show up soon or eventually. Figure also someone here has one sitting, not in a run ect, disposable book per say. It will turn up im sure. :)

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