Debating getting ASM #300 a Reholder
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I was wondering if you could explain these scuffs or smudges within the inner well of the casing. I'm considering getting this reholdered but what worries me that the grade could be affected during this process. The case is in great condition no cracks whatsoever. Can't imagine these were originally on the book when graded. If so it wouldn't be at a 9.8. When I hold the case to the light it does appear to be on the casing itself just not on the outside. I believe these smudges weren't from the signature because it shows no smearing and it looks perfect. Thanks!





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Good morning, thanks for your message.  Based on the pictures you sent, it definitely looks like something on the inside of the holder and not on the book itself.  If you send that back for a reholder then we can just put it in a new holder and that should take care of the issue.  The grade should not be effected in this case.  

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you! 

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