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Yo check out some of these books I’m selling. I don’t really want to sell them because I’m in love with them. However house stuff is important too. 

The Books: 

- Mostly horror/detective pulps. Majority with some sort of skeleton on the cover. I hate to see them go but I have to move them. Priced fair as the market for these has been gradually climbing. Make me an offer via PM’s. 

Some Rules:

  •   No PL/HOS members

  • The first "take it" posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I'll mark books SOLD in the thread as soon as reasonablypossible - but if someone else takes the book in the thread before your PM take is acknowledged in the thread (by either you or I), the thread poster is the winner, I'm afraid; so, there is some risk of losing a book if you try to remain anonymous via PM


  •  I'll take PayPal only please


Books are going UPS Ground with Signature required. Books are shipped extremely well. If you don’t believe me check the Kudo’s thread. Working in a warehouse with an unlimited amount of shipping supplies. 


Anyways, enjoy!

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