Tradd Moore Surfer Drop July 25, 2020
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I was describing the Tradd Moore Silver Surfer: Black art drop to an 'experienced', older original comic book art guy who has long been "out of touch" with 'real-time' valuations. He 'sees' through the filter of yesterday's asking & realized prices. If the work doesn't appeal to his Frazetta, Eisner, Adams, & BWS taste, then he doesn't 'value' it & certainly not even close to what today's 'market' yields.

He reviewed the selection & took a minute to accept the results of the SSB #2 drop[50k!?!?]...his first reaction was that the art was 'underpriced' by a minimum of 25%. His claim was solely based on the 'speed' at which all of the pages sold.

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