Todd McFarlane and his drawing tablet

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4 hours ago, ShallowDan said:

If you don't mind me being nosy, Alex, do you ever use any digital tools as part of your creative process?  I've often imagined that even for traditional artists, certain tools might be very helpful for brainstorming compositions or comparing different color schemes before putting paint to canvas.

i'm not a comic book artist but i use photoshop for all my comps before painting. and when i used to do illustration i also did much of it digitally the last few years that i did it. tablets are a huge time saver for sure. but i sell my original artwork so having a tangible thing is very important too. 

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23 hours ago, Blastaar said:

Does he want to give any away?

HA! I wish. He's shown some of it on his Insta already, but when we were filming at his office and home, I asked him to dig out any old art he may have had -- for "filming purposes." 

I knew he had all the key early Spawn art, but then he shows up with a beat-up, half-torn art portfolio. And inside there were a couple of Spidey covers, splashes, a Hulk cover, a Batman/Spawn cover ... TONS of great stuff. none of it in protective sleeves. It was simultaneously thrilling and horrifying, hahaha!


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