Refund - 15 months later???
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On 8/23/2020 at 7:02 AM, c_mkv said:

Having a hard time with a buyer on here and looking for opinions. I sold a raw silver age book through these threads in May 2019 only to have the seller ASK FOR A REFUND 1 YEAR LATER IN MAY 2020.  

May 13 2019:

Book sold for $400.

May 29 2020:

The buyer isn't happy with the book stating it appeared lower than the stated grade - I considered it in the "fine range" I'd usually decline this type of request as it had been so long since the transaction was completed, but a well known respected presser (yup, it's who you're thinking) was involved. The presser didn't want to risk pressing the book out of fear of damaging it further. I asked the buyer what would make them happy and a partial refund was suggested of 25% or $100. Figured it's only $100 and I spend alot more than that on grading and pressing each of my books anyhow.

May 30 2020:

Sent a partial refund of 25%/$100 - figured seller is a newb and $100 is not worth damaging my rep with this presser

August 21, 2020:

Then I get this in my inbox: "Finally got the book that I bought from you and we had talked about being too brittle to even press.  Came back from CGC 3.5 and not even close to 6.0",

I responded with "

Not sure what to tell you. Are you asking for an additional refund?

In my opinion, the book looked in the fine range and that was 15 months ago. Never meant to deceive you and thought we were fine with the last $100 refund. "

And then this:

"I know you weren’t trying to deceive me, but the grade was so far off.  The difference between 6.0 and 3.5 grade value is close to $400.  You already gave me $100 back, can you do another $50 to cover my grading costs and I think that would be fair?  


In the buyer's defense he only started collecting collectible comics in February of 2019 so he'd only been at it for 3 months before purchasing this raw book in 2019. Just curious for everyone's opinion as to how they'd handle this type of request or advice on how more experienced sellers would treat a customer like this.



Tell him ok-send back the $100 and I'll resubmit $150-I do it that way to keep my records clear.
Then keep the $100.  Adios amigo.

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Its the old story of the camel in the tent.  First you let him put his nose in-then his neck-pretty soon he's fully in the tent and you arent.
Once you gave him the initial $100, he saw his opportunity-if you give him the 50 I doubt that would be the last you heard from him-

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On 8/23/2020 at 8:38 AM, evilskip said:

Sorry, but I wouldn't have given him a nickel back. Sounds like a candidate for blocking.

If he is that unhappy with it, he should list it on ebay and recoup his money. Then he can learn how it feels to deal with  @$$##@es.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This right up there!

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8 hours ago, Bluemedgroup said:

Sam’s Club, American Eagle, Nordstrom, and Costco to name a few have unlimited length warranty basically lifetime for many items.   LL Bean, IKEA, bed bath and beyond, Zappos, are some companies with 1 year return policy.  

That is not what is happening here.

Return the dam book per the terms in thread or don't. But dont keep talking payments AND keep the book.

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On 8/23/2020 at 12:29 PM, NP_Gresham said:

That will give the blues. May need medications and group therapy for that one.



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12 hours ago, Hollywood1892 said:

Most of those companies you mentioned have :censored: products, it's no doubt they have a return policy like they do, their products break down. It's not the same as buying a comic book and then disagreeing with a third part's opinion of the condition

If you bought an item from IKEA and your buddy came over and in a drunken stupor broke it, should you be able to return it? I mean it's third party interference it makes total sense

While that is accurate, he was just point out your inaccuracy in the statement. :)

In the realm of Comic Books there should absolutely be no "oh you didn't like it after 1yr, ok here is some money back".  That is crazy talk.  I commend the OP for thinking of his seller rating above all, kudos to you sir, kudos to you.

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5 hours ago, NP_Gresham said:

One more reminder why the mods require a return policy.

Because the marketplace doesn't already have enough rules, right?

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I've been thinking about this. If I sold a book as a Fine and it came back as a 3.5, what do I owe the buyer? Would I start a thread and advertise the fact. Would I admit I messed up and fork over the $50.  I'm just glad I'm not in that situation.

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4 hours ago, SOTIcollector said:

It would be really tempting, if I were to see that book offered for sale, to offer $350 for it.  If I bought the book, I'd say I'm not happy with the grade and I want $100 back...

And the scammer-turned-seller would say pound sand.

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