Fortnite's new Update for Comics Good or Bad
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My kid just got the new "battle pass" and was showing me all the available skins - Thor, Wolverine, Mystique, She-Hulk, Storm. I'll admit it does look pretty cool. Just based off my anecdotal evidence, I've tried to get him into comics for years (he's 12), and he thinks they're ok, but doesn't really care. He likes the movies and he loves the game - they had a Deadpool skin a while back and he thought that was really cool, even though I won't let him watch the movie yet - but as for actual comics, he could take them or leave them.

Honestly, I feel like if it gives a bump to anything it might be to digital issues. My kids love their devices to the point where I've seen them watching tv and movies on their phone in the living room, where we have a 70" TV. They'll sit there, TV off, eyes glued to their phone video...

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For comics, very likely zero impact. For the IP, slight impact since among 11 year old kids there’s probably lots of crossover between marvel movies and Fortnite. My kid just told me about it. He didn’t ask to go get a Galactus comic. He reads manga on his phone pretty much exclusively now

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