How do you store your art?
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2 hours ago, Varanis said:

Top loader more commonly refers to non-mylar plastic holders. They are terrible for OA in my opinion as they tend to hold the pieces too tightly and provide minimal support or protection. They also aren't necessarily archival safe. Here's an example -

I saw the link you identified. I wouldn’t use PVC either. I also don’t think that is the way most people here use the term, but more generically— like a “xerox” copy doesn’t necessarily get made on a Xerox machine. I was referring to products like those by E. Gerber that they call “archive envelopes”.

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On 9/15/2020 at 7:31 AM, vodou said:

At a certain point, the management of a large collection is better done at the spreadsheet level than the portfolio level. Example: Artwork X is tagged "Portfolio 12, sleeve 15" or (for me lol ) "the tallest stack...somewhere middle third. No reshuffling, cuz no order, means no hassle and also little/no risk of those loose word balloons coming off, etc. This method is approximately how Bob Bretall manages his 115k+ quantity comic book collection and how gajillions of eBay sellers manage the inventory of their home "warehouses".

This is the Mile High Comics / Amazon method too, iirc. You don't care where anything is. You just number all of the portfolios and look up its location. I do the same even for my modest collection. It also has the unintended side-effect of arranging your collection by date acquired.

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1 hour ago, Rick2you2 said:

I wonder if they first tried to “deacession” staff.

There are so many ways to manage a public "business" down before dropping the irreplaceable, but discussing nearly all of if I'm the one posting...would get POOFED:political pretty quick.

Hi trolls :baiting: love ya :headbang:

And thus, the "global conversation on the subject" (and shuttered museums around the world) shall remain that much poorer ;)

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