Black Panther "Long Live The king" 13x19 Poster

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Hi all, I was commissioned by a client to create this poster, Unfortunately the client backed out after they were printed, and I was left holding 40 posters, a quarter of them I have listed on ebay, and the others I'm gong to offer here, the poster is a 'Mosaic style with the images comprised of screen shots from the movie, if you have any questions please post them and I will answer ASAP. Enjoy



First Class - @ $4.46


30 day returns.
No HoS'ers
 :takeit:wins the book and wins over PM's

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1,895 posts

Black Panther 'Mosaic poster "LONG LIVE THE KING" digital art.

11x17 - 15 available $5.00

13x19 - 15 available $7.00

(I'm presenting a framed one so that you can see how well they present when framed on a home wall, all purchases will be shipped as un-framed)


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