Nostalgic Investments Comic Art – NEW ART FRIDAYS! October 9th 2020
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Nostalgic Investments Comic Art – NEW ART FRIDAYS! 

October 9th 2020

Featured Artists:

Jack Kirby

Jim Aparo

Neal Adams

Bob Powell


Featured Page:

Machine Man #9 p1 by Jack Kirby



Nostalgic Investments Comic Art, NEW ART FRIDAYS! update this week, includes art from Jack Kirby, Jim Aparo, Neal Adams, Keith Pollard, Bob Powell, Dillin, Rick Levins, John Tartaglione and Tom Sutton! 

  1. Machine Man #9 p1 (Signed) by Jack Kirby

  2. Batman Family #13 Cover by Jim Aparo

  3. Amazing Adventures #7 p8 by Neal Adams

  4. Nick Fury Agent of Shield #8 p17 (Large Art) by Keith Pollard

  5. Tales to Astonish #68 p5 (Large Art) by Bob Powell

  6. Painted Kirby Animation (Drac Pac) Pronged Gate by Jack Kirby

  7. Justice League of America #166 p16 by Dillin

  8. Captain America #419 p1 by Rick Levins

  9. Mighty World of Marvel (Planet of the Apes) #234 by John Tartaglione

  10. Marvel Premiere #61 p28 by Tom Sutton

See all these New Art Fridays! pages at and hundreds of comic art pages at

Payment plans and trades are always available.


See us at the LA Comic Art Show!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25TH – 10AM-4PM! – Redondo Beach, California

The LA Comic Art Show features thousands of pages of original comic art from the 40s to present – No comics, just art! We will have hundreds of pages of comic art for sale. More info on their site »


Thank you and stay safe and healthy,

Nostalgic Investments











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