Horror Art! -hey it’s Halloween time
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All right evidently the Ape called for more exciting posts... what can get your blood pumping more than horror art.


Post your Wrightsons, Frazettas, Kelley Jones and whoever else is trying to scare the pants off of ya! Bring out the MONSTERS... BAHAAAAHAAAA!!!


me I got nothing.

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Beast of Burden #2 cover by Jill Thompson. It doesn't have the most spooky atmosphere as some of the others from the series but if you've read the series you'll know it's from the story that's probably the most impactful from it. 


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RASPUTIN THE MAD MONK (UK, 1966) by Tom Chantrell.  With an image size measuring approximately 16" x 23.5", this is the uncensored painting that was presented to Hammer Films to spearhead its cinema front-of-house advertising campaign . Revisions on Chantrell's artwork were requested. The small vignettes, running along the bottom of the painting, were deemed too risqué (as one features a rape scene) and the figures of Rasputin and Sonia were reduced in size (and colour changed to green to complement the Monk's face at right) with new title lettering re-positioned to the upper left.

The changes for the censored poster release were executed by Chantrell utilizing re-sized stats taken directly from his original painting.


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