Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast Physical Issues-Do they exist?
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Has anyone seen a copy of these issues in the wild?

This series is an exclusive giveaway for users of the Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device, users are given a digital page for every $35 spent (double if spent on TFAW or the Dark Horse Digital store) and once all 32 pages per issue are earned the full digital comic is emailed to them and once all five digital issues have been earned a physical copy will be sent to the user. 

They were collected in a trade which is easy to find but I haven't seen any of the physical copies. I see where they promise physical copies but I can't imagine too many users getting to those spend levels on a failed card. Did any even printed? 

I searched all of CGC's forums for details but nothing. Would love to find them or if not, at least confirm that there was in fact a print run.

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I'm not convinced these exist as individual physical issues. Even the distribution offer text isn't real clear on that point. "[O]nce all five digital issues have been earned a physical copy will be sent..." Arguably, that doesn't mean a physical copy of each, but a physical copy of all five: that is to say, the TPB.

Now... I can't rule out the possibility that there were a (presumably very tiny) number of physical copies of individual issues. There can't be very many. The offer would have required someone charge $5,600 on the short-lived Dynamics ePlate, while configured to support this offer as their purchase reward. Nevertheless, it might be worth reaching out to Dark Horse to see whether they'd be willing to confirm the existence or non-existence of these issues. I'm currently batting about .500 getting publishers to respond to inquiries of this nature, but it never hurts to try.

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