[CLOSED] DISCOUNT!!! - Planet of the Ape #1, Marvel Preview #4 Magazines and more. Super High Grade
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Hello everyone! 

As usual rules, no one from Hall of Fame or on Probation List should be allowed here.

This :takeit:trumps over any PMs.

The payments I will accept are Cash, Check, MO, Zelle and PayPal.  I don't do Vimeo or all other new apps.

Up to 2 magazines will be $8. 2 more mags will be $12. Few CGC copies are on sale here so it will be $13 shipping (up to 2 CGC copies).

I will accept the returns if I misrepresent anything.

Ask me about the references?  Plenty of them here. Ask me who and I will refer you.

These mags are pretty.  Take a look at them.  Sorry about some edges are cut off. The scanner isn't designed to scan the magazine size.

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