X-Men #50 9.8 CGC

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WTB X-Men#50 (60s) and will offer over GPA for the right copy. Also, I  have trade material. If your like me, I may not want to sell a book but if someone has what I want, then it's break up time.


-White Pages

-Must be centered with no white showing from back cover

-Nice colors

This is a book I've been wanted a high grade copy for a while. I owned the Curator copy a while back a regretted selling it but I thought I would come across the right copy. I would consider 9.6 and raw copies. PM with any info you want.


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Not really looking to sell but I have this raw unpressed 9.6 copy and it looks like it has huge potential to become a 9.8 if pressed. PM me if interested.


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