If I got my ASM300 graded how much would this smudge reduce it?
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Hi gurus! I was wondering if you could help me. My ASM300 which I bought from a news agent as little kid, has a light smudge I guess you might call it in the top left character logo space as per the attached pic. If it was graded how much would it reduce the grade? Apart from that it's in pretty good condition. It's funny how working from home due to covid has led me to getting reacquainted with my comic book collection. I'm planning to go hunting for gaps in my runs soon which should be fun 

ASM300 Top Right Corner.jpg

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That picture is too small for me to see. If the smudge is caused by water damage it will hit the book hard. if it is a finger smudge I would estimate a half point drop in a higher grade book. for example, if it is an otherwise 9.6 I would expect it to come back  9.0. It depends on the severity of the defect and to be honest I am having trouble seeing it.

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5 hours ago, MattrixAlien said:

Sorry for posting such a small image. Hopefully this ones better. Definitely no water damage. It's amazing what can happen to comics over time though


We would still need to see the bc and out of bag photos to give an accurate grade. 

From what we can see, I'm not seeing much other damage. The glare from the bag may cover the finer details, but even with the smuge it looks VF / NM to NM- 

That's my best guess with what we have. 


Really cool that you've had this book since you were a kid. I love that you bought a newsstand edition off the newsstand and kept it all these years! 

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