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1 hour ago, kav said:

No we just post and hope we get Greggies is all.

Yup.  It's a bit like a board version of Pokemon at this stage.

Go back through all of the threads this year and try to spot them all.

It's quite addictive.  Far more than trains, as well.

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Ok.  Ok..  round two.. 

So my comic shop got criticized for not allowing direct communication on ebay because a board member wanted to discuss some issues and a possible deal, while other members tried to tell him use their website as the price is already lower and they have good communication there, but he didn't really want anything more than to vent, and hope they would change their Ebay communication policy.


All of this went on WAY longer than it really should have ending with..20201118_001040.jpg.bce84ca83f9d358e55f3103f58d3f666.jpg

Stephanie Hans didn't recognize her own Signature on a CGC SS book and the owner who only posted it on ebay with a $28k asking price came on here to rant about it.  Turns out Stephanie signed up for the boards and came on here to not only respond to these posts, but turns out she is awesome.  Also she even said if her Signature was worth that she would retire to the south of France. 

Florida Man is still doing Florida Man things..20200913_175454.thumb.jpg.ca20d660506721425196dbc1e85a8d61.jpg

CGC TAT have gotten to the point where it takes about 10 days just to be marked as recieved after the package arrives.

This guy again? Guess they did say he was getting a sequel..


Well he decided to start a thread on the ethics of pressing.  That got locked just like the rest.

We have had some trying to figure out what the first US appearance of the Muppets in comics . ( no this image is not the resulting answer)20201116_195717.jpg.7cd3c4a47e94a087f4b568e9e52fb37c.jpg

Oh 20201118_002407.jpg.c2f63ab37429adaa78e0e2c7f39a7fb8.jpg

And @kav still trying to collect them all needs  this cover edited to include himimageproxy.gif.56e9d8f793ec7b8dc0a885e743a610d9.gif

Plus turns out there are some fans of Superman with a Mullet. 0.thumb.jpg.2641a7865858dc3bb3f5e862e8a90300.jpg

One Mullet to Rule the All!tumblr_inline_na48q7PQG41qgjgsb.jpg.7806f73f9c292e99c0967d00867c734e.jpg

Meanwhile in Florida they cancelled the annual mullet toss.200.gif.fc14f852168e119261df26fb5f22cc53.gif

Nope .. not that kind. FLORA_BAMA_MULLET_TOSS__2_.jpg.59a60608b03e3cd8548b0a3a80cfc5e2.jpg

But back to comics. Speculators going to speculate.  So Vigilante #1 got a boost as well as Archie Adventures of TMNT #1  also jumped. 

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3 minutes ago, onlyweaknesskryptonite said:

One Mullet to Rule the All!

One mullet to rule them all, one mullet to find them, One mullet to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

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