WTB - Showcase 22, Action 242, Fantastic Four 4, Fantastic Four 12, Green Lantern 7, Flash 139

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Hi All,

 I'm interested in low-mid grade books for the following, either raw or CGC:

Fantastic Four 4

Fantastic Four 12

Action Comics 242

Green Lantern 7

flash 139

A couple items that I prefer:

- no rusty staples

- no foxing

- no marvel chipping 

- ideally page quality of OW or better

I am located in Canada as well. 

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389 posts
17 hours ago, ChasingKingKirby said:

Might help to post what you’re using to value incoming books.  GPA?  

My bad. I haven’t been active on here in quite some time. Yes. I use gpa to value. 

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