PGM Avengers 53 (Vs X-Men, silver age)
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Hello all, looking for thoughts on this one.  Some rust on one staple, appears to be minor tears around that staple on cover but not detached.  Last five pages are chipped off on the top corner (not folded over, just missing).   
There's also one picture I marked with red in photoshop, it appears like the gloss is missing along the edge, hard to show but it just looks a bit like a shadow because it doesn't reflect light the same way.  I'm not sure if this leads me to believe it was just gloss wear, if someone took an eraser to it, or if it may have been previously wet in that spot?  Hard to tell and I did the best I could, it took about 15 pictures to show up in the camera.  I'm not really sure at what grades this stuff adds up/becomes relevant so appreciate any help.  

(Also I just noticed the colors are very muted on the hotlinked pictures below, click them once for a larger version, then again to zoom in further.












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