Added staples not in grader's notes?

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I picked up a Giant-Size X-Men #1, registry # 2134581009. I bought it for my X-Men collection which will never be sold, so I cracked it open to read through it, and I noticed immediately that there are two extra staples in the book, inside the covers where they're not visible from the outside.


The label didn't mention them, and the grader's notes I bought didn't mention them either. So my question is, are extra staples usually mentioned in the notes or on the label, or at a 2.0 grade are things like that not mentioned? The slab showed no signs of tampering when I got it, so I can't imagine the seller pulled one over or anything, and since I'm the one who broke open the slab I'm certainly not implying anything about CGC, of course. Just curious for my own sake.



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Good morning,

I checked with our graders on this and they advised that we used to note extra staples on the label, but now we do not. Extra staples have no effect on the final grade in any range, though books made with extra staples tend to be in lower grade due to the overhang that it sometimes causes. 

If you have any other questions, please let us know.  Thank you!

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7 hours ago, Fumbler said:

Does your book have 4 staples total? If so, stop here. If not, continue:

Is this your first square-bound book? FYI the covers are glued on, not stapled like normal comics. When you open the cover you should see 2 staples offset from but near the spine. This is normal.

So what do we really have here?

Two staples total, your description matches it exactly, so it sounds like all is well! Thanks!


Picture attached for reference. 0EB94132-6624-408C-97F1-B12CAC29A79B.thumb.jpeg.757873a0c76d4f5be4f9e6d4b28b0295.jpeg

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