Why is census so hard to use now?
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In the past the census was super easy to use, type in anything close and you get a lot of options, now even if you are precise a lot of the times you don't get results.  Elfquest has numerous titles, I put that is under the "anywhere" option and all that comes up is the 25th and 40th anniversary titles. Under the "exact match" a little better, but why aren't those titles under the "anywhere" choice. If I add the Elfquest: with the colon then a lot of titles come up, why have it be so precise? 

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Good morning,

I'm not sure why you aren't receiving more results when you type in the title.  When I typed in just Elfquest this is what came up for me:


If you can send a screen shot of what you are seeing when you type that in, we can check into it further for you. 


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