FBS Large Winter Sales Thread (CLOSED!!!!!!!!)
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On 12/29/2020 at 2:45 PM, fastballspecial said:

First up 7 Wonder Woman Trades. Avg condition NM/NM- to NM.
$10.00 each

Wonder Woman “Artemis” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “Bitter Rivals” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “Paradise Found” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “Lifelines” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “ Paradise Lost” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “The Contest” - $10.00
Wonder Woman “ Second Genesis” - $10.00


Take per PM

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On 1/1/2021 at 12:12 PM, fastballspecial said:

Wonder Woman 23 – NM 9.4 - $3.00
Witchblade 86 Hughes Cover NM 9.4 - $3.00 
Zorro 3 Copy B Hughes Cover NM 9.4 – 1st Lady Rawhide – NM+ 9.6 - $10.00
Witchblade 87 Hughes Cover NM 9.4 - $3.00
Weird War Tales 112 – NM 9.4 - $6.50
Weird War Tales 116 – NM/NM- 9.4/9.2 $4.00
Guaridans of Infinity Hip Hop Variant NM+ 9.6 - $6.00
Batman Beyond 3 NM 9.4 – 3.00
Wonder Woman 24 – NM 9.4 - $3.00
Wonder Woman 26 – NM 9.4 - $3.00
Wonder Woman 29 = NM 9.4 - $3.00
Annhilation Conquest 5 of 6 NM- 9.4 $5.50




Wonder Woman 23 – NM 9.4
Wonder Woman 24 – NM 9.4 

Take per PM

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7 hours ago, fastballspecial said:

I will have one round of book later this afternoon before I close the thread.
Couple of ebay purchases are getting in the way.

Buyers who bought the ASM 55 please stop PMing me. Your invoices will 
go out with everyone else and you will not get priority in shipping over someone

The fact that I even have to type this tells how many PMs I have had. Invoices
will go out as normal this week with the rest of purchases. 


First of all, whoever is doing that is kind of annoying... yeah we get it, y'all can't wait to send them down to CGC... 

Second... I missed it :( (the end... I already have my copies of ASM 55)

Great sale as always... I think I have bought more modern books from you in the last couple of months than I have in the nine years I have been on the boards. 

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All 47 invoices have been sent out. Please check your PM boxes if you didnt get one send me a PM. 

I will start packing up Friday night. I will post the names of the books I ship out  so you can see when yours
goes out and all send you a DC confirmation.

Also do look over your invoices Ive made about 6 mistakes so far. :facepalm:


Edited by fastballspecial
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