Hunting in Orlando Area?
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Hey folks, 

I'll be in the Kissimmee/Orlando area this week and was hoping for some good hunting suggestions. I'm sure I'll visit Coliseum and whatever else hits on a google search, but anyone know of some good dollar bins or old used book places that carry back issues?

Also we have Entertainmarts, Half Price Books, etc. where I live. Anything like that around there? 

Appreciate any help in advance!

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Not much hunting in the Orlando area. trust me, I have lived here 40 years.  

Coliseum is hit and miss, but I have found them overpriced.

In Longwood is ACME comics which has a larger back issue selection. Prices are reasonable. 

In Sanford you have Comic Central. Great service and have many of the hot moderns. 

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Agreed that Coliseum is over priced. They have cool store set-ups but are usually unwilling to deal. If you are up for a drive, Jacksonville is 2 hours away and has three fantastic comic shops. 

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